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The Institute is a resource for public, private and non-profit organisations across all sectors in Ireland and Northern Ireland.  The education and training programmes we design address a vast range of topics across all sectors and typically have a European or international dimension to their focus.  Our structure allows us the fleibility to provide ecucation and training programmes on any topic that our client requires.

The programme itinerary is always individually tailored and developed in close cooperation with the group leaders, with the organisation of speakers, trips and logistics carried out by the Institute’s team. Programmes typically last several days and invariably involve at least one visit to the EU quarter in Brussels for meetings and events. Study visits across the Benelux region are common features of many of our programmes and can be organised as part of a Leuven-based itinerary.

Groups coming from the island of Ireland benefit from our overnight accommodation and catering facilities for up to 100 people during their stay. A range of event formats are available owing to the Institute’s recently renovated multi-purpose conference facilities, in the historic setting of the 17th century Irish College.

We work with all sectors on the island of Ireland such as:

Public Sector
We design training and study-visit programmes for government departments and agencies, as well as hosting high-level meetings for government ministers from both jurisdictions. The Institute has also hosted programmes for local authorities, trade unions and associations.

Private Sector
The Institute is an offshore campus for business using its strategic position and network in Flanders to offer the private sector access to business organisations in the Benelux market, and run training programmes assisting companies exporting to Europe. We complement the activities of business development agencies with business programmes relating to EU funding programmes for SMEs such as Horizon 2020.

Higher Education
Through the Leuven Centre for Irish Studies, the Institute provides education course elements for several postgraduate and undergraduate university courses in Ireland and Northern Ireland. It also runs programmes relating to training with Institutes of Technology and Colleges of Further Education. We facilitate research academics by providing access to expertise in European universities towards applying for EU funds for research and innovation.

Voluntary Sector
The Leuven Institute provides educational study visits and benchmarking programmes for organisations active in the voluntary sector through partnerships with Belgian charities and EU umbrella organisations for citizens and charities.


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