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The European Studies- Brussels Internship Programme

"The European Studies - Brussels Internship Programme" is a full-time, residential educational Programme designed for students from Universities based in Washington DC, Boston MA, Chicago IL and Philadelphia PA. The programme is provided by the Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe in partnership with the Institute of Public Administration. In Leuven, the students undertake an academic programme in European Studies. Since spring 1994 a part-time, professional internship in Brussels has become an integral part of the student's experience. The students are placed in the European Parliament or other EU focussed organisations. The academic courses delivered at the Institute help support and complement the internship in Brussels. Students thus have the opportunity to learn about the EU both in theory and in practice. The grades achieved by the participating students are accredited by their US University.

The current group of students (pictured above) is taking part in the 51st Semester of the Programme.”

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